Friday, May 18, 2012

Saroyan Shawl

I am in LOVE with this shawl. I love this site!

Saroyan ShawlI have been knitting at least two to three leaves every night in order to try to get it done for lovely summer nights in the backyard!

But I think the thing I like the most about this shawl is the designer...Liz Abinante.  You see, unlike many of my other knitter Goddesses, Liz, although experienced and professional, still writes patterns that newbies can take on and actually SUCCEED.  I think Liz should do classes to some of my more experienced knitter friends on how to NOT FORGET that beginner or intermediate knitters like to try new stuff too. So write for them...the advanced knitters can just suck it for a while. 

Here is to my first attempt at anything Lacy! And yes, it is coming along nicely.  Thanks so much rock!


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