Friday, October 9, 2009

Ahhh....the weekend

In case anyone was wondering I will be the one to confirm what you may have been thinking this afternoon...Yes, this WAS in fact the longest week in the history of time. It was long, boring, and for the most part, completely uneventful. Well, not true, Adam started his new career this week. Good for him. He deserves a little bit of happiness and I hope this works out for him.

However, as for me I am less than thrilled with my week for its utter nothingness. I mean, I am working on my hats and that is always a good thing, but beyond that, it was a big fat case of same ole same ole.

Oh, I am having the entire fam over for Thanksgiving this weekend which should be nice. Looking forward to the people and the food. I do a ham (even though my inner Jew screams for me to stay away from the pig) and my sister does a turkey. Although we disagree on the animal we eat, we are absolutely adamant that the cranberry sauce must be true to its gelatinous form with tin can lines firmly intact.

Oh, I am fooling around with a new recipe that includes artichoke, asiago, brussell sprouts and some nice italian bacon.  Will let you know how that works out for me. Or not.  If I speak no further of this experiment then it's because I refuse to beat myself up beyond the embarassment that will ensue in front of the entire mater, pater, et al.

So kind friends who read my drivel with only the occasional treasurous words, I am going to go hunter gather a long tall slender glass of champagne and relax with some wool.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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