Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crafting for pleasure....

So I am thinking about making shadow boxes up and showcasing teeny tiny versions of some of the stuff I have been knitting. You know, kinda like when architects make tiny models of the new building or wing on an old one. Although every time I think of those little scale models all that goes through my head is Zoolander getting upset because kids that don't think so good are too big to fit into that tiny little building.

Anyway....shadow boxes. I am on the fence as to whether I want to make them sans glass front. I once wandered through an antique shop where I admired some old antique sewing accoutrements in glass-less boxes that was looked kinda funky. But the realist in me immediately wonders how much dust would gather inside the frame part without the glass and if it is possible for me to dust said inside of the box before my guests get from the foyer to the living room...the hitch...without being caught? After all, dusting is a job reserved for doing only moments before guests are to arrive is it not?

So I think I will mull that little idea over a while and then start it. Or not. But I will definitely take pics if it turns out even close to what I want.

Oh, updates...I got updates, I got stacks and stack of updates.....UPDATES!!! Sorry I am a Letterman fan...anywho...

The Brussels Sprouts and Asiago baked thing was a SMASH! It was soooooo good. Now, I may try a better brand of sprouts so that they aren’t so mushy. As well, I may let the natural sugars caramelize a bit more on the sprouts...but the whole concoction was brilliant and so yummy. I have no idea why I would decide to try a new idea 30 minutes before thanksgiving dinner but I did, and God looked down favourably on me so I had lots to be thankful for.

I am almost done my dead fish hat. I am totally unimpressed with the way my tail cam out so I may pull it out and try again...perhaps I will post a picture here and ask for input. That would be fun for me. Either way it's getting done before my week of daytrips to various knitting shops next month. Did I not blog about my exciting week 'o' day tripping yet? Yay...that will be next post!

And lastly, my teenager hates me. I know, I know, I am not the first parent to say that. It’s just that I think she is about one of the most interesting people I know so it’s tough when she isn’t happy with me. It’s sometimes quite hard to stick a smile on my face when I know that we are on the outs about something or another. But I am here waiting on the other side for her. I will however take any and all good karmic thoughts I can get right now though.

~ tina-marie

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