Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bye bye bees... *sad sigh*

I have been informed that I have been remiss in updating my blog regarding the bees, their removal, and he-who-hopes-to-be-redeemed.

So...here is the big news...

At 7:35 this morning the bees here at the farm have been properly sprayed (as per the instructions on the side of the can) and we should expect total annihilation has already happened.

Now, here is the real issue...I feel like shit. I hate that we had to kill them. European Bees are being taken out by African bees. Those fuckers are killers and they are slowly overpowering the kinder, gentler bee. I have blogged about the fact that I want to keep bees. I have spoken openly about my love for them since reading 'The Secret Life if Bees'...and here I am, a bee killer. I swear that if they had picked ANYWHERE ELSE on my property to set up shop I would have not only protected the hive, I would have done so with the fury of a momma bear. I would have found it some special gift from the Big Kahuna in the sky that *I* of all people should end up an accidental bee minder.

But no, they chose my house. They invaded the space of my child, my never-been-stung child. And as a person who was so involved with Sabrina's Law, that small fact alone struck me with more fear than love for the bees.

So please don't mind me whilst I mentally flail my conscience with a proverbial cat'o'nine tails.

Thank you for taking care of the bees Adam. I think having to do this awful deed would have certainly put me over the edge. I love you.


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