Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mmmmmm...Fall and Knitting!

I have finally found the sweater I am going to make! It is one piece, on circs, and it should be fairly easy...but yes, I have been fooled before!

Seriously, this pattern looks like it could only be easier if, well, someone else made it for me! As usual, to view the pattern you have to log in to Lion Brand. However, if you are reading my blog you probably knit and you should be going and scarfing up as many free patterns (for personal use always) as you can!

I have been in a funk a little bit lately (a couple of sweet readers have posted well wishes and I thank you for that) but I think it's because I am at the butt end of summer and heading into my favourite time of year...FALL!!!

Oh how I love to dress a little warmer and go for walks and see the colours of the world change. I LOVE warmer days and colder nights. I love making pumpkin pies and the tarts Selby gobbles up! I love that the world shutting down a little bit and preparing for the winter. If someone could tell me where in the world it feels like fall all year long I will move there right now! Well, after this years fall has passed anyway.

It's interesting that knitting for fall is my most favourite knitting. It's a little silly that it took me so many years to realize the connection between the two. Now excuse me whilst I go figure out if I have all the stuff to start this new sweater, and if not, a really brilliant reason to have to go shopping for more warm, fluffy, wool.



Karen said...

Have fun with your sweater. I'm just about to finish my first little baby sweater for my grandson who is due in January. Have you visited the "Knit Picks" website to look at their yarn. I think it's very reasonable and they have a podcast. I'm hooked!

Mags said...

Have you just added the comment box?
Ya know, I would have commented before this...justcouldn't find it.(Slaps self on forehead..doh!)
Just wanted to say, thanks for your support. Good luck with the sweater...cute. I too love fall.
Happy knitting.

Cathy said...

Oh my heck!!! I am so slow!!!!! Thanks goodness my dear friend is not only teaching me how to knit but she has the passions of a saint when it comes to my computer ineptness!!!
Thank you Tina for all that you are and all that you do for me!!! Not to mention the continual Monday morning/afternoon blog giggles!!! Love you lots, Cathy