Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meanwhile back at the farm...

Do you sit back and wonder why life can be so crazy one day, and then suddenly it all just slows to a crawl? By 'all' I mean 'everything'. The kid stops whining, the dog stops puking, the hubby is picking up his stuff, and neither whining nor puking. It's at those moments I realize that I am a slave to my family and it's whims. Don't get me wrong, I am high maintenance myself thank you kindly, but it does get tough having three divas plus a spoiled dog all living under one roof. I figure at this rate, the only one likely to make it out alive is the kid when she goes off to university.

But back to the momentary peace; it is at this time I get to look around and re-examine what the heck is going on in this house. I have just recently spied on many many bees buzzing in and out of an overhang above the french doors leading outside from the home office. This is not good. If you read my blog you will know I have this quiet fascination with bee-keeping. But this is NOT how I want it to happen.

I have gone ahead and asked he-who-wishes-to-be-obeyed-but-will-forever-be-disappointed to look into this potentially nasty issue. You see, it is that their newly chosen home also leads to the storage area of the upstairs television room. Yep, that's right ladies and gents, the room that I just dumped slightly over a 'G' note into re-doing and yet again it has some sort of issue that needs to be addressed.

So I have asked Adam to investigate. I will tell you more once that happens. I asked on Friday. I'm just sayin.

As far as the kid goes...well, she's a teen. I suppose she and I will come to some sort of understanding at about the time she leaves for university. Oh joy. So I patiently wait and spend the next few years anxiously wanting to re-connect with her and enjoy her for every little thing that she is. But apparently it is not until her hormones stop raging that she will become normal again. So I am to understand that at the same times she is starting to become 'normal' again, she will be turning around to hug and kiss me good-bye to go to school. Lovely. I don't remember being told about that at the 'gonna be a mum' sign in.

And the dog? Well, he is an idiot. Oh he is sweet and warm and fluffy and lovely to be sure, but he is mentally deficient. No disrespect to anyone elses'es cock-a-poo, but this guy alternates from looking greatly confused to looking slightly lost. No in between. Well except when he's puking. Then he just looks sad. Yes, yes, I have taken him to the vets. He is just a puker. Fait accompli. Or fait accompuke as the case may be.

So I am going to take my day of rest, say a little prayer to my God in thanks, and try to attack the bedroom without going on further with my own brand of whining.

The suns gotta shine on a dogs arse once in a while. 'Suppose today's my day. ;-)

Ciao bellas,

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