Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playing Chess!

Chess is an interesting game. Also known as the ‘Game of Kings’, it is one of strategy, skill, and sleuth. It is not a game to be one-off’ed. A player must think three steps ahead in order to win. A competitor does best when she does not take anything, and especially her opponent, for granted. It takes forethought and planning. A constant evaluation of the pieces in order to best set up for the Checkmate is a must. War-like tactics are to be used, and play-by-play board re-assessment is mandatory in order to claim victory. Chess is a game of higher learning and above-average skill. So much so that this very fact has been known to make some people stop for a moment and ask…

‘This is a game that TINA likes?’

Yes I do! I dig Chess. I dig it cause it makes my brain hurt. I have to really THINK about what I am doing. No fucking around. Chess is important because it uses the parts of my brain that is often left to its own devices because I do not need to use it at work. I have to strategize and fake-out my opponent. A quick deek, a fast fake out, then hit’em hard baby-cakes. But the best part is that my goal in Chess is completely opposite to what it should be, thereby messing with my opponents strategy. I do not play to win, I play to not lose.

Actually this drives Adam a little crazy, with the crazy part being an unexpected added benefit to be sure. He plays to win. His play tactic is to hit hard, Castle his King quickly, and then beat the hell out of my side of the board with brute force. He protects as many men as possible whereas I am willing to block myself and force him to take some of my pieces without having it injure my pride.

While he is pondering the next three moves, I will occasionally admire the craftsmanship of my horsey. Sometimes I just sit back and think about ways to get a shinier, brighter, polish and sheen to the game board for the aesthetic value. Floor polish perhaps? How about beeswax? Oh the possibilities are endless.

This really drives Adam nutty, which again is an added bonus for me.

Right now I am currently trying to locate a nice Chess set with at least a 4 inch King, for under two hundred dollars. This is proving to be as hard as locating the grail. Right now we are using Adams grandfathers set. It is a really nice set but one I am not really comfortable with taking to an open-air park with permanent boards. The pieces have emotional and historical family value, if to no one else other than us. My hunt will continue. In the meantime I will be very happy playing Chess on the bedroom balcony, glass of wine in hand, watching the vein that pops out of Adams head when I do things contrary to what he thinks should happen.

Chess is so much fun!


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