Monday, June 8, 2009

Random weekend stuff

I had a very nice weekend! We had fam over Saturday night for 'Game Night'. We played 'Life' and 'Trivial Pursuit'. We ate a CRAP LOAD of munchie foods. I drank Marguritas. Then on Sunday, we spent the morning home. In the afternoon we went out for a little bit in order for Adam to buy a new batch of clothes for work (I pick the shirts and ties). His thinner bod is tired of the old fat clothes so a new wardrobe was in order. A good weekend indeed, hope yours was just as uneventful really.

Now, I thought I would come clean on a few knitting items and perhaps throw out a question to my knitting friends who read my puke for some advice. First off...the item I promised to show...the big green thing...

Yeah...that's it. It is pretty nice to cuddle up with, or so my sister told me Saturday night. I am pleased with the turnout. I did 3 rows of stockinette stitch and a YO 4th row to get the almost 'fisherman' look. My brother-in-law says it looks like 'Camo'. I guess that is okay too. Anyway, it's done, time to move on!!

I can't remember if I posted any golf socks. So if I didn't here is one being made. I am making a couple more for myself and will then prolly move on over to making some for my other golfing girlfriends. Oh yeah, I guess I tell tell you about them already, I vaguely remember being honest about the pom-pom maker. I am such a gadget tart. I like making them cause they are a quick one-off. The designs are optional and the sizes vary all over the place depending on how married you are to the size of needles and yarns suggested.

I am so digging the whole golfing thing. Adam and I are going to be golfing in a local SPCA tournament which will be my FIRST real, honest-to-goodness-trying-to-really-GOLF golfing event. We are playing at one of my most FAVOURITE courses so it is promising to be a great day. Hope to get my club socks done in time!

Lastly, I have a request: I am currently trying to make a cozy for Adams 'French Coffee Press'. I have to make a rectangle 11 inches wide by 5.5 inches high. Then I will be adding three buttons to hold it on tight. However, my rectangle looks like shit. My original cast-on looks like shit, my bind-off looks like shit, and granted I haven't blocked the piece yet, the whole thing is just a monumental disappointment. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Specifically to the shitty bind off...I mean, what the hell did I do? And, am I supposed to bind off in the stitch that I am stitching into? Meaning, do I bind off in K2 P2? I am lost I tells ya. In the meantime I think I am going to payoff my $25.00 late fee at the Library and get some 'back to basics' books to refresh and perhaps rejuvenate.

Oh, and just for the hellovit, here is a picture of Charlie Tuna. He is so sweet, and so dumb and, wait, I think we've been down this path before. I just want to kiss him. You will notice the Justin Timberlake scarf. Yeah that's right, 'Cha Tu' is bringing sexy back you know cause that is how we throw down in The Shire babies.


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