Sunday, June 14, 2009

My kntting stash

Early this morning Adam and I got up and had our usual Sunday morning tea together. Reading the newspaper I had a good laugh over the entertainment section, and then decided to start my day.

Except, I really didn't want to start my day at all. I just wanted to loaf around and do nothing. But time at home to do stuff is so limited in my life. I must do 'something' , so I decided to go through my needles and yarn stash.

Crap I own a lot of needles! Double crap with the amount of projects I have on the go that I am not getting to. The really pathetic part is that it LOOKS like I am hiding these half projects from myself. How weird is that I gotta ask??? Yes I suck, but back to the 'jects'.

I am calling lost projects 'jects' because that word reminds me of 're-jects', which is kinda what these projects had become.

I have Selbys 'Skully Shrug' that is, like, 70% done, yet I can't get back to it. Why? Cause I have the attention span of an acorn that's why. I need to buckle down and do the sucker, but nooooo it is just much easier to hide it from myself. Again with the hiding? What up wit dat? How can someone hide something from themselves? I could barely play hide-and-seek without cheating when I was little for chrissakes. Alright, I will make myself aware and I will not simply 'hide' anything again. I will finish it! Damn you skully shrug and your wee beady eyes!!

Ah, and then there is my 'Viking Hat' experiment. See, I did this really cute 'Viking Hat' sample that now sits upon the knightly head of Sir Norman the Bear. Upon placing said hat upon Sir Normans' head he thusly became 'Sir Norman, the Saxon'. Get it? Funny huh? No? Oh alright. Anywho, I have been reminded by more than a couple people that I need to make up some bigger ones for bigger heads. Like the giant German head of my lovah...

Enter the 'sock yarn'. Che-yeah....socks. The short row education, the turning of heels, the watching of Tina lose her marbles. Short rows are HARD man. I can't get it. I don't understand the directions, the pictures, the recipes, its all a dogs breakfast thank you. I will not be making socks anytime soon. I will watch my family go barefoot before I can figure heels out. Damn you short rows!!!! *fist waving in anger and raucous back-and-forthness*

Adams' French Press Cozy. Yeah, it's coming. So's Christmas.

In my stash I realized how much cotton yarn I had purchased for dishcloths. I best be getting back to knitting some of those suckers up eh? I have 'just' about forgotten how difficult I found the Loop Stitch to be. Much like how a woman almost forgets how extremely painful and life sucking child-birth is. I will probably start on those first because of the odd sadist gene I have.

But at the end of the day I am not tackling the Summer Tank Top. I refuse to start it yet. It's just not, I'm just not, the mojo just isn't there. *sigh* That fucker is my new white whale, and we all know how much I hate sharing the beach. ;-)


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