Thursday, June 18, 2009

For my own piece of mind...

Put needle into the stitch and knit, without removing it from the left needle. Stick it in the back and knit, then in the front and knit, then in the back and knit again. Take off stitch. Turn work. Yarn should be forward. Purl all four stitches. Turn work. Move first stitch, then second stitch to right needle. Then backwards stitch into them both. Then, knit the next two together on the left needle. Turn work. Purl the two together. Turn work. Purl stitch, then continue to knit in pattern.

Yeah, that didn't quite work. Go here instead:

Sorry, thinking out loud here. I just wanted to get how I do bobbles down in writing somewhere for next time. I am so tired of watching You Tube eighty times to re-learn it. This truly is my most selfish post. :-)


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