Monday, April 27, 2009

I suck!

I am so sorry for not writing before now. I have been uber-busy and I haven't had a whole lot of time to myself. is what I am currently knitting...

~ My own shrug. It's earth tones and it's super easy and for some reason I can NOT get my ass in gear to finish it. What is wrong with me? I will post a picture tonight.

~ A blanket slash throw for nights on the master bedroom balcony with my beloved. It started out as a poncho...but I learned how to YO and now I am just knitting this big huge thing that I will use on cool nights. Quite frankly, I have always wanted to knit an afghan, but ho-lee forever Batman! I don't have the patience. There is a reason why I stopped having children after one.

~ The 'Skully' shrug that I started for my daughter like a MILLION years ago. The aforementioned only child. She is spoiled. She is a teen. No wonder I run away and knit by myself.

Again, I will post pictures, but I am just writing in order to shame myself into getting back into the swing of things. of the flat-out funnest things I have read in a while is a post from a lady's blog called 'Chicken Shawl'. I love the way this woman turns a phrase and have been casually following her blog ever since. Go visit a cute little post and pattern at:


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