Monday, April 27, 2009

I knew I would feel guilty!

I promised pictures, I give pictures. It's what I do.

Here, finally, is the Mohawk hat I made from the 'Pretty In Punk' book. I am so pleased with the way it turned out. My ex-husband does a lot of snow plowing during the winter for folks, and promised that if I made him one he would wear it. So I will give him this one to wear for Christmas. He is fearless with hats I learned over our 17 year marriage. He used to make me buy him a differnt 'funky' hat for the annual boys fishing trip. The guys would love his hats. Too bad I didnt' learn to knit back then or else I could have had a riot with the different styles. So he has expressed a great interest in obtaining this hat...freak that he is...but it is very cool he will wear it and I will take pictures next winter.

Lastly, my 'throw' I am making for cool nights on our balcony with a glass of wine and my beloved. Take a notice to my point's a champagne cork!!! I am using size 10 Bamboo needles and my regular point protectors were too small. So not wanting to lose my stitches, I just shoved the cork on the top. Finally, a use for the 400 or so champagne corks I have!!! Sure, sure, you can send me all the links you want to the sites that show how to make those 'cork boards' out of old wine corks, it just ain't gonna happen. I am not all that thrilled with those boards anyway. This idea is great!

Okay, now getting back to purging for the yard sale! Did I not mention that? I will expand further next sitting.


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