Thursday, April 30, 2009

Golf club covers and 'Idol' notes

I took up golfing about 3 years ago. However, with all the things that have gone on in my life the last year or so, I didn't get out at ALL last summer. Which is a shame since I really enjoy everything about the game. It invites competition and good-hearted jesting. It gets you out into the sunshine. It provokes the senses in way that the smell of grass and the sound of bumblebees wobbling from flower to flower drives a gal like me into a outdoor frenzy. There is no bad about golf...unless it is raining. I do not golf in the rain. Call me a pussy all you want you militant golfing chicks, but I am as sweet as sugar and I will melt. Screw you chickeepoo.

So, forecast-provoking-name-calling aside, I dig the gig. I am hep to the pep. I love the sport. I must admit, I have a really cool pair of shoes and that is always a plus isn't it ladies? White-leather-and-pink-leopard-skin baby. Mama's got a brand new way of walkin' child and it allll has to do with her fancy feet.

Sorry, my inner Ella Fitzgerald was surfacing. So, back to golf. I am getting out this year. I will not be stopped. I am so focused on this task that I am making myself some new golf club covers to entice the fates. I am thinking a lovely rich chocolate brown and bright pink set of wood covers. I will prowl the yarn shop for he perfect skien. A hank or two should do it, but as I get them done I will tell you more.

Here is my prototype that I did lat night watching American Idol. Side note: Adam Lambert, who has been in my number two spot since the beginning was given a sound spanking last night. Sorry, but no one should be bigger than their flaming britches, so a little bitch-slap of reality is something he really needed. Perhaps he will step up that game even more and raise the bar even higher, so high there will be no other Idol ever. But, I still feel the only real competition is between he and Danny Gokey. Further Side note: My beloved has a bro-mance with Adam. It's weird, but who cares, he is strong enough in his heterosexuality to admit it, I find it amusing enough to be cool with it.

Okay, back to work for me. Ciao bellas.


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ADM said...

Glad you're cool with the bro-mance, even if it is just in my head.

I wanted to comment on your Northern Exposure post, but the comments don't seem to be working. :(

Thanks for the road map, honey...I love you too.