Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Knitting and Northern Exposure

My daughter and I have bonded over the most unusual thing, a television show. Yes I know that many parents have discovered that their children like a television show they watch. However, this show is old. In fact, it was one I watched while pregnant; Northern Exposure.

Selby watched it with me after work a few months back, and totally fell in love with the 'Ed' character. That makes sense. He is tall, gaunt, introspective, introverted, and sports a really bad hair-do. He is incredibly sweet, completely unassuming, and the shows required eternal optimist. I am quite worried to be honest, I was hoping Selby would end up with a cut-throat lawyer or a by-any-means-necessary investment banker. But no, Ed is simply shades of future relationships for my sweet kidling. But I digress, the reason for this post (which has not a lot really to do with knitting other than the fact that once written I shall once again return to my latest project) is because I wanted to write about MY favourite actor on the show Rob Morrow, aka Doctor Joel Fleishman.

It was a great character for Mr. Morrow. Apparently the show was not meant for a long run, nor was it meant to become as popular as it did. But we ended up hanging out with the varied and fascinating folks of Cicely, Alaska for about 5 years. I find that I am interested in all the characters, but my heart would understandably belong to the smarmy, snotty, self-infatuated Joel "Uncle-Manny-was-at-my-Bar-Mitzvah" Fleishman. Maybe it's because although he is SO completely Jewish, I am positive I saw him eat a shellfish chowder one episode. Flippin the bird to the food rules. Yep, it's all about being a bad boy.

Now those who know me well would be surprised that I would pick that character since, I am loathe to admit, I have dated more than one 'Chris Stevens' in my time. But, I can't go for flighty, no matter how existential they may be. Keep your Poe, your Voltaire, and your Chopra...I mean, sure I like intellectual, but what I really like is geeky! Geeks are my weakness. Especially the geeks that play chess with me.

On a final note, Joel's office manager Marilyn Whirlwind is often knitting in the office. That rocks cause we knitters are cool.

Poor Adam. He will need a map to see that he is actually being hugely complimented in this post. I love you honey. But, Northern Exposure is about to start, and my fingers are itching to get wrapped up in wool.