Monday, January 12, 2009

Trying new things

This past weekend was SO BUSY! I didn't have any time to just sit to relax and knit. I have a couple projects on the go, both of which I will post pictures of when I actually get two minutes to myself to upload.

So currently, along with the 'Skull Shrug' I've started some 'Lion Wash Cloths'. I got the idea from this site: and am making some for my nephews. Who am I kidding? I will make one then move on...but with some encouragement perhaps I will make one for each of my nephews instead of having to apologize to my sister for only making for one.

AS lovely partner in this delicious crime called life got me my house cleaner back as a Christmas present! So whilst I am typing this post, she is at my house cleaning the multitude of sins I call Home Sweet Home. With the divorce and all I had to give up some things in order to afford others. My house cleaner Karen was one of them. I love Adam so much for such a great Christmas gift!!!

Well...back to work , then to a clean home to do nothing but make dinner, then sit and knit. Today, life is VERY good.

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