Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to Duck adventure to be sure

so, yeah...knitting.

My friends will roll their eyes and ask 'why' when I have had everything in my life change on me in the last 11 months. Learning a new hobby is not really something that should be high on my list right now. Re-aligning all the mixed up facets of my life is where I should be focusing all my energies into. Let's face it, an impending divorce, a new 'old' house, my daughter starting high-school, and a brand new relationship should be my top priority. But it is my need to find routine, to find something that is warm and comfy and SOLID, which drives me.

Which is the point. Everything is so different in my life now. So drastically changed that I needed some sort of stability. I have 3 years left with my daughter living at home before she leaves for university. I have to make these years as inviting and stable for her as possible. I need something to calm my mind and my soul in order to be as present and engaged for her as I can.

I could find religion. But instead, I found wool.

Enter knitting.

I don't really know how to knit. I mean, I can knit and purl, but that's it. I can make a great scarf, but I am really only good at starting something and never finishing it. Casting off is a rarely used technique. That would involve finishing a project.

But this I want to finish. I need to grab onto something that I can learn, grow, and play with. Writing didn't fill up that space completely at this point in my life. I am going to try knitting.

Here is where I will bring along anyone who wants to travel down this road with me. This may not be an exciting romp. No, it is an effort in finding peace.

Oh, and you might wonder why this is titled 'Duck Row'? I have been accused on many MANY occasions throughout my lifetime of having troubles 'keeping all my ducks in a row'. No truer words can ever be spoken about me. Duck Row is a tribute to, and a reminder that, some ducks will never fall into line. Nor should they.

Those are the ones that make the world exciting. Especially when they wear hand-knit fluffy sweaters.

Welcome to my adventure.

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