Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just fine...

My 'Tiger Washcloth' done! It was a tough project and I thank sweet jeebus that it was a tiny project or else I don't think I would have ever finished it! The cotton doesn't give and I looked and felt so tense trying to pull it while knitting. Anyway, it is my first finished project for my blog. Yay me!

So here is the scoop on my next project. I bought the book 'Pretty in Punk' ( I think that is the title) because it has a bunch of really fun and funky punk ideas like armbands, goth web-shirts, and such. BUT, the reason why I got it is because of the 'Mohawk Skull Caps'. I LOVE these things. It is a super-fun cap with a 'Mohawk' of big bright wool shaped in. looks hard and I am new, what to do? Where do I go for help?

The Internet of course. I went online and found a place in Ancaster, Ontario that sells wool and all kinds of knitting accouterments: The Needle Emporium
. Perhaps someone there can help me kick start my confidance level.

Getting there around 4:30ish last night, I walked in to the warmth of a million skeins of wool. The shop, located in a heritage building, is filled to the brim. I immediately fell in love with the place. Jane, who seems to be the shops single employee besides the owner herself, was very welcoming and I immediately wanted to squeeze her brain for all it's 'knitting knowledge'. Feeling this may be inappropriate upon having only just met her, I decided to simply look around a bit to get to know the place.

Wandering around the rooms I realized I am woefully undereducated and have no idea what I am looking at, or doing. There are a thousand different kinds of wool. Colours I never thought existed. I became somewhat disillusioned as to my quest, and my enthusiasm took a big hit.

Another woman came in shortly thereafter. Jane, the shop lady and the new customer seemed to know one another well and immediately lapsed into a warm banter. It was nice hearing women talk to one another like that since my tenure in the political arena has made me jaded enough to be surprised that sarcasm and caustic remarks are not a way of life and practiced everywhere all the time.

Wanting to get involved even a tiny bit I asked the two knitters my burning question: what made them start to,or get involved with knitting?

At first Jane thought I was talking about the shop. But making myself clearer that I was asking for her personal experience, she smiled and simply stated that it was through her mother she came to love knitting. Learning at the knee of her mother she learned all there was to know. She said it was such love for her mother that I was almost a little jealous of that connection between mothers and their young children. She said that she still helps her mother to this day by turning the heels of socks that her 80 something year old eyes just don't seem to see that well anymore.

The other lady stated that she has knitted her entire life AS her way of life. Recalling a story of how she was caught knitting in line in Grade 3, she had her knitting taken away, never to be returned by a horrid teacher. Did I tell you I dislike teachers? Well now it's slightly worse because really, WHO takes away a little girls knitting??? That just makes no sense.

I thanked the ladies for their openness, then, feeling the time was right, pulled out my current project to get their insight on what the hell it is exactly I am doing wrong. First, I am doing the wrong stitch. I am supposed to be doing a stockinette stitch and not a garter stitch. Secondly, my moss stitch is leaving a little to be desired. Thirdly, and surprisingly, my gauge was pretty good for a beginner Jane stated.


I was floored! I was proud! I was not even the least little bit pissed off that I would have to rip out nights and nights worth of stitching all the way down to the cuff to start over again. It rejuvenated me. I was so happy since I honestly thought my gauge would be the death of my knitting affair. Is it perfect? No way. But in the words of Jane which will be saved in my memory banks for all time; 'your gauge is just fine'.

I will leave the rest of the story of my visit to the Needle Emporium and the subsequent purchases for the next blog. Yes I have a new project, and I have a new excitement for knitting after some sage advice, and for right now, I am really very happy with being 'just fine'.


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