Tuesday, April 24, 2012

But the knitting is turning to cooking...

So it's been almost a year since I touched this blog. I am embarrassed and want to rectify this immediately. You should know that I've not been just sitting around wiling away the hours conversing with the flowers.

In that time Adam and I built a fence, deconstructed and reconstructed our relationship about 86 times, prepared a kid for university, and somewhere in there I decided to really learn how to cook.

This does not mean knitting is out. I taught myself how to make those stupid knitted top tea towels that hang from every knob of my kitchen cupboards. I also started an awesome set of 'Super Hero' golf covers for Adams clubs. So the knitting is there. The tea cozies are being handed out like candy.  But the stuff that I knit to help the stuff that I cook is taking a back seat to learning more about what it is I put into my mouth.

To this...my goal for this blog is changing. As it should. Like me, and you, as growing, developing human beings we should be malleable and change and explore the world around us fully.

So as I knit and muse about life, there will be cooking and eating and drinking and additional posts about pretty much anything food based.


Because I am as flighty as the bees that buzz and hover in my backyard, I sometimes get lost when I see something shiny.  But I want to journal this new path I am taking in life...and luckily I have a couple followers that find my wandering mind interesting enough to press me to blog more.

So...I will continue on this epicurus trail I am blazing for myself.  It's been an interesting couple of years for me, but it is the next few that I am finding the most exciting.

Up next: perfecting pasta...and oh yeah, I am learning to play bass guitar.

I love life.

~ tina

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