Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too long I know!

But I always come back don't I?  :)

So it's been a really nutty few months.  I did my first craft sale at our local Arts Block jsut before Christmas.  As you will see I had some of my knitted items including a Mohawk hat and a fish hat that was based on the Knitty pattern...but has changed considerably enough that my conscience was okay with me selling one just to get it the heck outta my house! I made a lot of sluchy hats that sold...but of the couple dozen stich markers that I made, very few sold.  People were confused as to what they were. As this was not a knitters platform I was not surprised that more did not sell...perhaps next time. 

My little piece of the craft table

Although you can't see too well, one of my besties in the world Laura had many MANY of her knitted items for sale. She sold a ton of skinny scarves and many of her dishcloths.  GO LAURA!

So whats next? Well I am in a 'felting' tear.  I am making up some skull and crossbone clutches for the teens in both my life, and hopefully to sell. As well, I am making a crap load more stitch markers.  I actually quite enjoy using those millions of beads I've purchased for reals now.  Perhaps I will toss a few up on Etsy. Who knows? In the meantime I am working on my own website...it's a matter of time and energy.  

So, back to it! I hope everyone is having an amazing spring.  If we all think positive we might hit some good weather yet.

All the best,

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