Thursday, November 18, 2010

Faith thoughts

I know. Just super busy. Going to try to remedy this because I actually quite enjoy, and miss, the blogging.

Work is work. Play is boring lately. And things are pretty much same old same old.

My little sister is having surgery tomorrow so that is a little tense since my lovely followers know the crap year we've had. But its an easy surgery they say, and it will ultimately give Kathi more relief than she has ever had in her adult life. So fingers crossed and a little prayer and everything will be smooth to the point of boring tomorrow and over the next few weeks of recoup time.

For me? Well...I had to write a speech for work and it took me on a whole other tangent. So I ran with it and let the creative juices flow. Hope it stirs some interesting thoughts for you...

Keeping faith alive in a contemporary world is a brave concept. It is a tough thing to keep our faith in this world where, for some of us, our nearest neighbour can sometimes be an ocean away. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Faith is to have confidence or trust in a person or concept. A higher power. To have faith in a person is to place your trust in another's ability. The ability to love, or trust, or provide in a way that best fits what we, as individuals, find most understandable deep in our soul. However, in a world where we are becoming more and more faceless, it is difficult to humanize what is happening on the other end of the Internet connection or Blackberry pin. We may have times when 'another person' is just not there. Where to we place our faith, what do we DO with our faith then?

Although spiritual faith is one of the most personal experiences we will have in our lives, it also provides connectivity to our fellow man. It is a tie that can bind us together, or conversely, rip us apart. We as borrowers of time and space on this earth must remind ourselves that we need to work together, no matter what our particular brand of spirituality is. That is the way to advancement and peace.

If you look closely enough to the world around us, you will see great hope. In that hope you will find the opportunities and avenues that can help review and renew. The opportunity to find people and networks which allows a constructive gathering that embodies the spirit of cross-cultural and inter-faith appreciation is a rare and treasured happenstance. But look for it we must.

And when we find it we will bring our own unique experiences to the day. We must strive to work together, and respect each others differences while setting our sights and energies toward the goal of benevolence and understanding.

Beyond that, life's biggest issue may be simply remembering to feed the dog.

Have a great day!

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