Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer update!

Wow, have I ever been lax in my blogging! Well, I’ve been busy. So busy that for the most part, a synopsis would be the best way to catch up my peeps on my last couple months of living. It’s been a helleva summer so far, and we are only halfway thru…

1) In June we had our ‘Adult Christmas’. It was just my sibs, spouses and our step-dad at our house celebrating the Christmas we didn’t want to celebrate with Mom dying in December. It was nice. It was really nice actually. Rather low-key, which is always my first and foremost concern in a great dinner party. We celebrated with food and wine and exchanged gifts. The missing person was still missing. And I think I ought to just deal with it because ignoring it won’t help. But it was nice and I am looking forward to Christmas in December cause Christmas in June just isn’t right.

2) Helping Selby find a job. Yeah, well THAT didn’t work out. She still sleeps till noon.  But she does clean up the kitchen and bleach it down to my specifications.  So, that's kindov a good thing.

3) Oh hey...going camping! Still have our weekend planned. Looking forward to being treated like a camping princess as Adam claims I will be. We’ll see. ;-) I have to pick a meal to create and it has to be true to the ‘camping’ feel. I have been scouring the ‘Boy Scout’ web pages to see what I can do. If you have any idea shoot them on over please!

4) Knitting. Well….yeah. Okay so here's the deal...I have been binding on, knitting a few rows, and then ripping it all out. Repeatedly. I am SO PISSY with myself because I have been finding wool or yarn that I want to use, but I have no pattern. And I don’t want to knit a freaking cardigan because I have one on the go and I can not finish the effer. I am ridiculous and frustrated. Well, I did finish a couple of knit slouchy hats as a thank you gift for my intern this summer. She did so much work on the golf tournament for me so I am happy that I got THOSE done.

5) Oh yeah the golf tournament.  I forgot.  So I am the co-chair of a golf tournament every year and it is a buttload of work.  But it was wildly successful and everyone had a blast. So, I am done until next February.

6) AND...speaking of my intern....I call her Angela Anaconda and she has the BEST HAIR. She is Scottish with a gorgeous peaches and cream complexion and surprisingly nappy hair. It always looks like it has run amok on her head so my slouchy hats will be perfect for her to tuck that wildness up into it on days she is running behind at university. I can't show her my blog until the end of the summer though or else she will see her gift and I don't want that to happen!

7) Yoga! I am training with a real genuine yoga master from India. Hells yeah!!! Jang is truly awe inspiring and I hope that 10 weeks with him will help me get back to the woman I used to be…only better.

8) I am currently finishing up my ‘Animal Husbandry I’ course and am still so pumped about getting my certificate.

9) And finally on the 'Worst. Neighbour. Ever.' front…the ‘Christian Deacon’ who lives next door with his wife decided to tell me that I don’t take care of my house to his standards and that I should think about a condo. Honest. This is what this man-of-the-cloth said to me. So you know what? He can go to hell. Oh wait, with a Christian attitude like that, he is already going there even before my request. Makes me glad for my strong Jewish line. Schmuck.

I guess that’s it for right now. But for your moment of zen, here is the hair that I am absolutely fascinated by!

Until next time my little ducklings ~ tm


Mags said...

Missed reading about you....glad you're back!

Mags said...

I know you're busy but I saw a free doll pattern on Ravelry (I don't know if you're a member) and immmediately thought about you!
Here is the link:-