Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things that freak me out and/or piss me off...

No idea whatsoever why I am doing this.

People with insanely dark brown eyes. So dark that the iris and the cornea are the same colour. I canna tell what they are thinking. It freaks my ass out.

Blue eye shadow, nail polish, or food. OTHER than 'blueberries'. Blue food is wrong. Ladies with blue nails are wrong. Blue eye shadow should be banned to the furthest reaches of the universe. Perhaps only worn by those really sexy green chicks that Kirk sleeps with.

Food brought into work from well meaning constituents. I can not eat food that comes from a kitchen I don't know from people I barely know THAT IS NOT a restaurant.

The little beetles that have invaded my foyer. They are congregating by the dozens on the stairway window of my house. I hate them. For what its worth they smell really horrid when I 'dust bust' them up.

Plastic travel tea mugs. Give me ceramic or glass. I hate plastic.

People whom I follow on Twitter, who are so famous and/or are too full of themselves to at least look at my tweets and follow me out of respect. I mean, if I am following them it is because their line of thinking must be close to my own, so they should at least follow me for a while. I am just as interesting as say Wil Wheaton or the Rude Pundit (thanks for that btw Julie). Well okay, perhaps in my own Russian head. But the pity follow would be nice for a while.

When some motherfucker IT guy sits down at my computer at work and proceeds to tell me how sick they are. Thanks for that asshole. Where's the Lysol? Prick.

Getting ditched by my girlfriends cause of their pansy-assed family issues so girls-nite out gets called off and I have to sit in from of my laptop drinking Merlot and blogging about my

People who, when they smile, eyes do not crinkle. They are dangerous and creepy. Oh yeah, and condescending.

Elton John.

When you are in Italy how all the men touch your ass. I am okay with Scotsmen touching my ass. They can touch my ass all they want. For a long time. Repeatedly. Italians do it like they are allowed. Nu-uh. This wide, white, velvet ass is for Scotsmen only.

Old chat sites that, when you pop in after no being there for a few years, are like an old hang-out. Tired, worn, and filled with freaks that don’t even want to really chat. They just throw out stupid shit to see their own type up on the screen. For chrissakes, be like the rest of us and grow up, and get a blog stupid.

The way my dog smells after having to go outside for a wee piddle when it's raining. There is just no good there to be had.

So, I guess that is what is on my list today. It will change tomorrow, I can guarantee it. But it's my blog I can whine if I want to. Wine. Hmmmm, where did that bottle go?

Have a great long weekend my lovelies.


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