Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am sorry already!!!

Okay I know I have been derelict in writing lately, like two weeks now. But it's summer and I am busy and knitting is really on the back shelf. Well, I have been knitting, but its a total and utter failure. Let me explain...

I really wanted to do something quick. And for the life of me I can not get some sort of tank top or shell out of my head. Why oh why do I become so OCD about these things? So...I went and bought a set of 8/12 circs, 29" long. I have two balls of chunky Marble yarn which is a beautiful myriad of earth tones that I have wanted to do something with for a long time. With those two items, and my need to do something quick and satisfying, I cast on a hundred or so stitches.

Knitting the first row I remembered that I ought to put markers in to show front and back for when I have to put one side or the other on a stitch holder.

Knitting the second row I remembered that I ought to make one marker a different colour in order to show where I started.

Knitting the third row I realized 120 stitches does not knit up as quick as I had originally thought. And then I double checked to make sure I had only cast on 120 stitches and not 4, 528 as this project seemed to suddenly be.

Knitting the fourth row I realized this was sucking the 'hind tit' so I put the whole thing down.

Then, I poured myself a glass of wine.

So here I am in a quandary; is my love affair with knitting starting to wane or am I just stinking super busy with other stuff that I am pre-occupied with, you know, life?

I think it's the latter. I hope it's the latter. Please, sweet knitting Goddess of soft and fluffy yarn, let it be the latter.

*silence, crickets, more silence*

In the meantime, I went golfing with Nancy-Fancy-Pants at a local municipal course. Now, I am not sure, but is 20 bucks good for 9 holes? Aw, it doesn't matter 'cause I had a blast! She is so much fun to golf with. A glass of white wine afterward made it a perfect Wednesday evening.

Alrighty, back at it. Wish me luck, and send me good fluffy knitting karma.


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